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Vizit SX Connector for NewsGator Social Sites

Vizit SX Connector for NewsGator Social Sites enabling users of NewsGator Social Sites 2010 to view and highlight important passages in SharePoint documents, and add footnotes to social conversations and workspaces. Referenced material can be opened within its original context without leaving the social workspace. Vizit also enables social conversations integrated with its document viewer. Vizit’s social footnotes add a new dimension to feeds, wikis, blogs, discussions, and other SharePoint social features. The result: higher precision, better decisions and improved team performance.


Increase Collaboration

  • Vizit Social Footnotes link conversations with key thoughts in SharePoint documents
  • Keep the context present throughout the social conversation
  • Encourage the use of enterprise knowledge
  • Use Vizit Social Footnotes to reference content in social workspaces (blogs, wikis, and discussion groups)

Improve Productivity

  • Find documents faster with image previews
  • Reference material is only a click away with Vizit Social Footnotes
  • Stop jumping between applications to collaborate with SharePoint content
  • Eliminate unnecessary clicking and downloading unwanted documents

Why context matters

  • Consider a 30-member project team whose leader learns about an important new analyst report that will affect the team’s initiatives. Instead of simply posting a link that will drag users to a lengthy document in a SharePoint library, the project leader can post a link powered by Vizit. The team can not only view the document in their Social Sites activity stream, but go straight to the paragraph that’s central to their work. And instead of opining about a document no one’s looking at, they can conduct a discussion in the same window as the key paragraph. In the end, the team will have spent less time looking for the document, opening it, wading through it and misinterpreting it.
  • Vizit supports more than 300 document formats this way, delivering powerful, interactive visualizations in efficient HTML to client browsers and eliminating the “click & wait” experience of dealing with documents in SharePoint.
  • Vizit also helps users find documents in libraries before a conversation starts. Rather than clicking on a series of hyperlinks and waiting to investigate the contents of documents with confusing naming conventions Vizit provides a real-time preview of document contents.