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Sitrion (former Newsgator)

Social Sites now makes Microsoft SharePoint even more social with SharePoint social networking features that include easy SharePoint integration. NewsGator continues to deliver the best enterprise collaboration software for business with Social Sites for SharePoint 2010. NewsGator Social Sites goes above and beyond SharePoint 2010 to make your organization truly SharePoint social.

By integrating Social Sites directly into your SharePoint 2010 collaboration deployment, you can focus on delivering value to your users and unifying your technology infrastructure while fully leveraging your SharePoint social network – instead of building custom applications or learning and supporting additional technologies. Increase adoption among stakeholders, streamline communication, improve employee recruiting and retention, and boost overall productivity with Social Sites 2010.

Don’t wait to maximize the benefits of your SharePoint investment. Take a look at our social software capabilities – your competition is already deploying them now. So, contact us to find out how we can guide you down the path towards Enterprise 2.0 success.


  • Communities  Establish and cultivate a collaborative setting for internal and external stakeholders.
    Turn SharePoint groups into Social Sites communities of practice and interest for
    projects, initiatives, and common interests. Use pre-defined templates to kick-start
    your community planning.
  • Microblogging  Allow for spontaneous knowledge sharing. Avoid the costs and overhead of another
    3rd-party solution while also providing peace of mind. Ensure organizational conversations
    are secure and housed in your SharePoint environment.
  • Activity Streams  Collect an aggregated flow of events, content, and activities to provide users
    with relevant and timely information. Filter these events including those from SharePoint,
    external social media streams (e.g., Twitter), and other internal and 3rd-party
  • Spheres  When a SharePoint Team Site or a Social Sites Community is too in-depth, but
    email is too limiting, Social Sites 2010 lets you create a user-generated, light-weight
    public or private group called a Sphere.
  • Social Profiles  Eliminate the friction and fear of social networking by jump-starting adoption,
    participation, and collaboration with a simple profile-building coach to help your
    workforce create and maintain their face to the organization.
  • Social Insights  Protect and expand your investment by measuring and tracking activity by community,
    type, and user. View easy-to-consume dashboards and monthly activity reports to
    evaluate user adoption and participation levels.
  • Lync Integration  Conduct fluid real-time and asynchronous conversations through the Microsoft
    Lync integration for Social Sites 2010. View user presence and initiate on-the-fly
    IM, audio, and video conversations.
  • Glassboard Integration  Glassboard – a free social mobile application using Windows Azure-based services
    – lets individuals anywhere engage in private group sharing with external stakeholders
    using their mobile devices. Discover and interact with Glassboard groups through
    Social Sites.
  • Desktop & Email Clients  Participate in Social Sites without being inside the platform. Filter activity
    stream by top news, questions, ideas, topics, communities, or colleagues to quickly
    find information. Ask and answer questions, submit ideas, and post, comment, flag
    for follow-up, and like events and activities