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Attini Social Suite

Social computing is helping business unleash the knowledge within their  company. We believe that latching on to this trend and bringing an improved  social functionality to SharePoint is one of the most important enhancements we  can make to the platform.

For this reason, we have created the Attini Social Suite – a growing collection of enhanced SharePoint templates which deliver powerful social solutions.

The Social Suite leverages the capability of attini engine, extends the functionality of a standard SharePoint template and aggregates content from across the entire farm, hence creating ‚Solution Centrals‘.


  • Attini Talk is the only SharePoint native microblogging product that has proved
    to scale up to 100.000 users per platform. It makes a perfect match with the
    Social Suite enabling colleagues to find the best experts on subjects sought.
  • Attini Blogs is the one place people can go to find blogs and posts relevant to
    them, and it ensures that SharePoint can keep up-to-date with all the latest
    knowledge management innovation in the marketplace. Attini Blogs provides a
    number of blog template enhancements, a new blogging portal and a blog directory.
  • Attini Video allows people to upload videos to the site and for others to
    comment on that video. These videos can be shared, ‚liked‘, aggregated with
    other media and used for a whole variety of other good stuff.
  • Attini News brings a much needed news template to SharePoint and in the process,
    helps SharePoint make news social, instilling all the benefits of two-way
  • Attini Images(Coming soon) Similar to the Attini Video, Attini Images
    enables colleagues to share images. Images can be tagged and described, but more
    importantly, with Attini the best and most relevant will bubble up to the top.