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SpigitEngage for SharePoint

SpigitEngage for Microsoft SharePoint is a social innovation platform that elevates SharePoint capabilities beyond simple data and document sharing by creating a comprehensive collaboration and idea management solution.

Built directly on SharePoint Server 2010, Spigit’s solution requires no integration, and enables fast out-of-the-box deployment, while meeting the toughest IT standards.  With a simple, intuitive interface and intelligent ranking of ideas, organizations can more easily identify great ideas and engage innovators.  SpigitEngage extends the innovation life cycle beyond the initial phase of idea capture to transform the intellectual and emotional power of people into meaningful initiatives on a global scale.

With SpigitEngage for SharePoint, you can:
  • Create your own customizable innovation dashboard and easily move Spigit web parts throughout Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Innovate where you work without ever leaving the familiarity of the SharePoint platform.
  • Create a System of Record for Innovation Intellectual Property stored in SharePoint that is seamlessly integrated with your Knowledge Management Repository to maximize previous IP investments and reduce duplication.
  • Experience the traceability from the Original Idea Promise to the Business Case Justification through to the Execution Phase.