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LightningTools Social Squared

Social Squared is a powerful discussion tool available for SharePoint. It will enable you to provide the 3 C’s to your SharePoint sites – Community, Communication and Collaboration. Help your users move away from spending their life in email by discussing ideas and answering questions using an open forum tool. Social Squared easily deploys and runs within SharePoint to give you a communication tool that helps build a real community around both Internet and Intranet sites.


Lightning Tools has been involved in message boards and web forums on the Internet for as long as they have had a web connection in the 1990’s! With this knowledge they have built a forum tool that will help you build a community around your SharePoint deployment. The features the tool currently have include:

  • Forum Badges and User Reputation
  • Post and topic voting
  • Starting new topics and adding replies via email
  • Tagging
  • Display active forum users
  • Forum Terms and Conditions
  • Follow a user
  • Unread topic indication
  • Topic and post moderation
  • Email alerts for new topics and posts
  • User post count
  • Topic ratings
  • User signatures
  • Search
  • Quote posts in your reply
  • RSS support
  • Full customization of look and feel

Click here for a full description of all features.