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Beezy Corporate Social Networking

Beezy is a social network built inside SharePoint. We don’t „integrate with“, our solution is built inside SharePoint. Beezy comes in two flavors: on premises behind the firewall on SharePoint Server 2010 and in the cloud on Office365.


  • Groups: Beezy is made of groups, it is a dead-simple and flexible way  to structure corporate information. A group can be created to support an organizational unit, a department, a project, a cross-company practice or just a social initiative. Setting up groups doesn’t require any IT support or complex configuration. Groups may be shut down or expire at a given date but the
    information they generated can always be retrieved.
  • Microblogging: Share ideas, start conversations and get feedback from your co-workers in real-time.  Just drop an interesting link in the microblog box and Beezy will automatically store it in a social bookmarking engine. Tag conversations using hashtags (#) and replies (@) exactly like in Twitter. Embed videos from YouTube and share them in one click.
  • Activity streams / Walls: Follow the overall activity of your groups. Check at a glance who is doing what inside any of your groups. Reply to updates, or just tell others the things you like. All activity is shown in real-time and you’ll be informed of your colleagues‘ activity with no latency.
  • Collaboration tools: Share any kind of information in just one click. Files, events, tasks, images, video, links, etc. We made SharePoint extremely easy to use. No hassle, no crowded ribbons, no funky interactions. You just upload a file or an image but in the background Beezy is doing a lot more. Documents are stored, indexed and continously tagged based on the social conversation they raise. And their successive versions are tracked for auditing or record changes.
  • Follows: Knowledge management is also about effectively filtering information. And the follow feature makes it easy. Set up your personalized feed by following colleagues, events, documents or tags. You will be updated on the things you care
    about without getting an overloaded inbox.
  • Profiles: Each employee has a public profile where his professional data is shown but also his latest activity and his
    enterprise-wide social network. Employees can easily upload their picture, import their past experience from a LinkedIn
    account and update their expertise areas. Organizational and employee data can be synced from Active Directory.
  • Presence: Always know if your colleagues are online or offline, if they are available to collaborate or don’t want to be disturbed. This status information becomes key to ensure effective collaboration while avoiding constant interruption and forced multitasking.