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[EN] Forbes – The Myth of Social Media Tactics Versus the Reality of Social Business Strategies

Mark Fidelman has published a great article on Forbes.com about  The Myth of Social Media Tactics Versus the Reality of Social Business Strategies

Mark writes about a strategic framework and a basis for an actionable plan based on the experience of companies that have successfully integrated social business into their daily work and their culture:


[EN] Review: Colligo Briefcase Pro

Chris White from The Scribble SharePoint Blog has reviewed a mobile app for SharePoint: Colligo Briefcase Pro.

„Overall though this application feels like the kind of quality product you would expect from Colligo. As the iPad continues its rise in the Enterprise market, apps like this are going to become increasing useful. Previously nervous IT …


[EN] Filamente Lite for iOS Review

Chris Howell reviews another mobile app for SharePoint: Filamente Lite for iOS.

„Overall, I’m impressed with this application. Personally, I was not a huge fan of the UI at first and this could have turned me away if I wasn’t writing a review. I felt that it didn’t have the polish of some …


[DE] Tipps und Tricks – Twitter-Box auf Webseite einbinden

Jan Schumann zeigt in seinem Blog, wie man eine Twitter-Box per HTML in ein Inhalts-Editor Web Part einbauen kann.

[EN] Streaming Video From SharePoint 2010 To An iPad

In this technical article Streaming Video From SharePoint 2010 To An iPad Mike Gannotti explains how to setup SharePoint 2010 to stream video to an iPad.

„As part of delivering video to site visitors here at Philadelphia-mtc.com one of the goals was to do so in a manner that any device would be able …


[EN] New Solution PocketPoint Mobile SharePoint Client

PocketPoint Mobile SharePoint Client is an iOS-App to collaborate remotely or on the go, without relying on your laptop or PC and access your SharePoint sites. PocketPoint provides a quick, simple, and intuitive interface to view and update SharePoint lists and documents, open downloaded documents in other apps, save documents for offline viewing, and search your SharePoint …


[EN] Video How to build a great mobile setup to shoot quality audio and video with your phone

Paolo Tosolini  demonstrates in the 2 minutes tutorial how you can build a mobile video setup with a Smartphones that addresses stable shots,  good light and good audio using either affordable accessories or more professional gear.

[EN] How To: Lock Down Social Features in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010′s social features are extremely valuable and we here on SharePointSocial are working on helping people to implement them in their daily business. But in some cases it might be important to lock these features down or deactivate them. Richard Harbridge has written an article showing how to do this.

„After having provided these …


[DE] SharePoint-Wikis: Eine sinnvolle Ergänzung von Teamsites Teil 2

Im 2.Teil seiner Serie SharePoint-Wikis: Eine sinnvolle Ergänzung von Teamsites für Zusammenarbeit und Innovation geht Michael Höfer in seinem Blog der Frage nach, was sich besonders gut mit einem SharePoint-Wiki umsetzen läßt.

„Sharepoint Wikis innerhalb einer Sharepoint-Umgebung sind hervorragend geeignet für Zusammenarbeit über Linienorganisations- und Teamgrenzen hinaus. Vor allem für ungeplante Prozesse, wo sie als notwendig …


[DE] Soziale Gruppen im Unternehmen:Warum Netzwerke so oft nicht funktionieren

In ihrem Artikel Soziale Gruppen im Unternehmen:Warum Netzwerke so oft nicht funktionieren untersucht Simone Happ die Kommunikation mit sozialen Tools im Unternehmen.

Sie unterscheidet dabei drei soziale Gruppen im Unternehmen:

  • das Team: die Gruppe die zusammen eine Aufgabe erfüllt
  • das Netzwerk: Gruppe der fachlichen Kontakte zu einem bestimmten Thema
  • der Schwarm: entsteht automatisch durch die Aggregation der …