[EN] SharePoint Mobile Grid which App runs on which Mobile Plattform

There are a lot of mobile apps for SharePoint out in the market. Here is the SharePoint Mobile Grid, showing which app runs on which mobile plattform.


Mobile Application iPhone iPad Android Blackberry Windows Playbook
Attaché SharePoint Client by LÛCRUM x x
Colligo Briefcase Enterprise x
Colligo Briefcase Lite x
Colligo Briefcase Pro x
Filamente for iPad by AirCreek x x
harmon.ie Mobile x x
Formotus Mobile Apps x x x x
iOnGrid Nexus App for iPad (requires Nexus Server) x
Kalmstrom ShareTask x
Microsoft SharePoint Workspace Mobile x
Mobile Entrée SharePoint Mobile Application Framework x x x x x
Moshare Coaxion for iPad x
Moshare Coaxion for iPhone x
Moshare for iPhone x
Moshare Moprise for iPad x
PocketPoint Mobile SharePoint Client x x
SharePlus Office Mobile Client x x x x
SPDashboard x x
SPElements Quick Browser for SharePoint x
Sunato My Site App für Office 365 x x x x
WICKSoft x