[EN] SharePointSocial News Lagniappe | week 12.12

Session on Microsoft NetWork 2012 – “Future of intranet: Road to Enterprise 2.0”

„Join SharePoint MVP Adis Jugo in beautiful city of Mostar, on April 4th 2012, at Microsoft NetWork 2.0 conference, on a session which will discuss current trends and changes, and show the way how can enterprises leverage Microsoft SharePoint 2010, to achieve transition to Enterprise 2.0 world.“

The Evolution of Social Business

Ryan Rutin (from Jive)  has assembled an evolutionary framework that illustrates how „social business“ and perhaps „social media“ can have such varied interpretations.

  1. Self Enablement – Productivity driven by “the one”
  2. Team Enablement – Productivity driven by “the few”
  3. Social Intranet – Productivity available to “the many”
  4. Ubiquitous Access – Productivity “anywhere” and “anytime”
  5. Customer Engagement – Integrated productivity and coordination with Customers
  6. Partner Enablement – Integrated productivity and coordination with Partners
  7. Hybrid  Enablement – Integrated team productivity across Employees, Customers, and Partners
  8. Enterprise Enablement – Integrated  productivity and coordination with foundational Enterprise Systems
  9. Social Awareness – Monitoring en masse, reacting in time, and engaging relevantly at scale
  10. Social Process Management – Established social indicators driving foundational business processes

OneNote for the iPad…it does work

Jasper Oosterveld shows how you can share a OneNote book via Skydrive

„A while ago I gave the new OneNote app for the iPad a bad review. Recently during a meeting my colleague, Neal Pels, took out his iPad and loaded the OneNote app. I had no idea why because I assumed it did not work….well I was wrong. The app can work in combination with SkyDrive. I did not realize you can save notebooks to SkyDrive. So how does this work?“

3 Tips to Leverage SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Social Computing Features

„Here are 3 tips for ensuring that your organization can meet the challenges of deploying social features within your environment:

  1. Ensure your organization has a written Social Media Plan.
  2. Leverage the success of popular platforms to introduce SharePoint’s social features.
  3. Ensure that your user community has a firm understanding of SharePoint lists and libraries before introducing social features.“

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