[EN] Extending SharePoint 2010 social features

MVP Chris O’Brien has written a very interesting article about extending SharePoint 2010 social features. Chris shows some simple but effective enhancements to the Out-Of-The-Box functions in SharePoint he recently implemented in a customer project.

Here is a list of the topics he covers in his article:

  • The activity feed – from “one way” to “two way”
  • Commenting/note board
  • Note board web part
  • Profile note board
  • Entry points
  • Likes – more important than you might think
  • Subscriptions
  • Group activity feed

„With SharePoint 2010, the direction of the product moved firmly towards the social arena – of course, the flexibility is there for organisations to opt-in to using this capability or not. However, amongst adopters it’s fairly common to want more than is provided out-of-the-box, and I’ve hopefully given some food for thought on what an enhanced version might look like.“

Read the article on Chris O’Briens Blog