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Techtra Mail2Share

Techtra Mail2Share is an Enterprise Grade Solution that delivers seamless integration between Microsoft Outlook and Sharepoint. Ease of use and quick user adoption of sharepoint are just a few of the benefits that users and administrators experience. Techtra Mail2Share gives users and administrators that much needed bridge between two key applications.


SharePoint & Outlook Integration

  • Drag-and-drop emails, attachments and documents from Outlook to SharePoint libraries
  • Add SharePoint libraries in the form of Outlook folders
  • Drag & drop one or more attachments from an email to SharePoint libraries
  • Provides an intuitive navigation tree of all SharePoint sites, libraries and folders
  • Easy SharePoint libraries deployment & configuration by a Central Configuration
  • Automatically capture e-mail metadata
  • Instantly apply custom metadata
  • Work online & offline
  • Storage of e-mails in an .msg format
  • Store e-mails in SharePoint Records Center
  • Support for In-Place Records Management

Emails, Attachments & Documents Drag-and-Drop

Emails and attachments can be easily moved or copied from Outlook to SharePoint libraries and folders through drag-and-drop or using Outlook business rules. Message fields are instantly captured in Outlook and mapped with the SharePoint columns. Users can set content types and apply custom metadata, then save e-mails as .msg files that have an automatically generated unique name.

  • Auto capture of email fields (To, From, Date, etc.) in Outlook
  • Allow to apply custom SharePoint metadata in Outlook
  • Dynamic prompt for adding custom or SharePoint required metadata
  • Support for multiple Content Types
  • Support for Deep Level Folder Structures
  • Create new SharePoint libraries folders directly from Outlook
  • Take full advantage of Outlook Search capabilities

Access SharePoint directly from Outlook

  • Access SharePoint content directly from Outlook
  • Full access to SharePoint views, search and edit capabilities in within Outlook
  • Provide access to content by using a SharePoint Data and a SharePoint Site in the Outlook Pannel

Outlook and SharePoint Synchronization

Users can select specific documents libraries for sync to Outlook. Off-line content is kept up to date with auto background sync based on start-up and time intervals. 1-way and 2-way sync configuration options can be set by users for specific libraries.

  • True 1-Way Sync (items are moved from Outlook to SharePoint)
  • Supports 2-Ways Sync between Outlook and SharePoint
  • Background Sync on start-up and on configurable intervals
  • Manual Sync a specific libraries
  • Select multiple libraries to syncat once
  • Automatically disable background sync when offline
  • Automatic addition of new libraries at sync
  • Easy sync conflict resolution
  • High performance synchronization for large libraries
  • Zero impact on Microsoft Outlook start-up or general use performance

SharePoint Metadata

Metadata can be used online and offline to easily organize and find content. The e-mails and documents metadata can be edited or added to one or multiple items at a time, with a right-click action.

  • Easy Metadata Mapping through Content Type Configuration
  • File Upload Window for quick metadata completion
  • Quickly enter or update missing metadata
  • Edit/Change metadata for multiple items at once
  • Set default library metadata
  • Provides an intuitive metadata mapping window
  • Use the Search Folder for Metadata Management Issues

SharePoint Security

Mail2Share adheres to SharePoint security. Users can only upload or view content for libraries/lists where they have appropriate SharePoint access.

  • Use default Windows logon credentials
  • Use different Windows Username/Password & Domain credentials
  • Support of standard IIS authentication types
  • Adheres to all SharePoint permissions and settings
  • Support for SSL (https://)





  • Mail2Share Installation Guide: This document provides information about using the features and functions of the software and cover the installation of the Mail2Share Add-On for Outlook.
  • Mail2Share User Guide: The various sections of this guide cover the installation, configuration, activation and other aspects that will facilitate your work with Mail2Share.
  • Mail2Share Administrator Guide: The sections of this guide cover the installation of the Mail2Share Add-On for Outlook and the network deployment of the Mail2Share solution.