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OnePlaceMail connects Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Office and Windows Explorer to Microsoft SharePoint and Office 365. OnePlaceMail promotes the adoption of SharePoint as your enterprise information management and collaboration platform.


Why OnePlaceMail?

  • Promote user adoption and capitalise on the investment made in Microsoft SharePoint.
  • Unlock valuable information assets trapped in personal inboxes.
  • Reduce compliance and records management risk through better email management.
  • Increase information visibility across project teams. Securely manage enterprise information with SharePoint.
  • OnePlaceMail simply feels like a natural extension to the desktop applications. Reduce training and have a common, intuitive experience across all applications from Outlook/Office 2003 through to Outlook/Office 2010 and File Explorer.
  • A proven solution that has been licensed to leading organisations in over 25 countries.

The OnePlaceMail advantage

In addition to powerful Outlook, Office and File Explorer integration to Microsoft SharePoint, OnePlaceMail provides organisations with:

  • One solution that delivers all capabilities across multiple versions of Outlook/Office clients, operating systems and SharePoint environments.
  • Performance in large enterprise environments.  It supports 50,000-plus terms and taxonomy-type-ahead direct from all desktop applications including Outlook 2003.  It also supports large SharePoint library folder structures and SharePoint site collections.
  • Centralised enterprise deployment and configuration capabilities.
  • A way to promote the power of Microsoft SharePoint to the desktop and reduce training costs.
  • The ability to integrate other systems using the comprehensive OnePlaceMail API.

New in Release 6.1 (Februar 2012)

  • SharePoint Search Locations (within Microsoft Outlook) Search SharePoint directly from within Microsoft Outlook. This provides direct access to SharePoint Search, Fast Search and other 3rd Party search solutions and capabilities for users without leaving Microsoft Outlook.
  • Recent location tracking OnePlaceMail remembers the SharePoint locations where you saved content and provides convenient access to these locations for future filing operations using the Copy To / Move To buttons or by performing a drag/drop operation to the left navigation of Outlook.
  • Site Locations within Outlook OnePlaceMail provides the ability for a user to simplify their view of SharePoint by conveniently selecting one or more SharePoint locations (Libraries, Sites, Lists, Folders and Document Sets) and adding these locations into a ‚virtual‘ structure on the left navigation of Outlook.
  • Managed Metadata / Enterprise Keywords / Taxonomy The Save to SharePoint window allows for content to be classified according the metadata/columns defined within your SharePoint environment. This includes support for the full type-ahead capabilities of the Enterprise Keywords and Managed Metadata.




  • Express Edition (Free)
    A feature rich solution for capturing content and accessing SharePoint direct from Outlook. OnePlaceMail is streamlining desktop application integration with SharePoint and Office 365 in over 25 countries.
    Download OnePlaceMail Express Edition (Free)
  • Enterprise Edition (30 day trial)
    Access further enterprise capabilities, support and integrate with line of business solutions to drive the user adoption of SharePoint.
    Download OnePlaceMail Enterprise Edition 30 day Trial.
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