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SharePoint continues to be the content repository of choice among many global enterprises. tibbr’s bi-directional SharePoint integration lets you unlock important files from SharePoint and attach them to tibbr posts. Discover documents in SharePoint repositories and watch them come alive on your enterprise social wall. tibbr can also be embedded in SharePoint as a Web Part. To ensure relevance, tibbr utilizes its powerful, Subject-based approach to deliver relevant conversations to the appropriate SharePoint library.

tibbr Features

  • Microblogging: Share short messages, updates, documents, and links with co-workers on your tibbr wall. Collaborate more effectively around the projects and tasks that drive your business.
  • Subjects: Tune out the noise by following updates that matter to you. Whether it’s a topic, group, or project, tibbr Subjects organize relevant information in distinct categories. Subjects can be public or private, so you can always share confidently with the right group of people.
  • Profiles: Improve your awareness about what your colleagues are working on across your organization. Integrated with your company’s active directory, find the right colleague to help with a project or solve a customer problem.
  • Event Streams: Receive and send updates to and from business systems across your company – all from within tibbr. Approve the latest expense report, or learn about the latest sales opportunity. tibbr integrates with Oracle, SAP, Salesforce.com, and SharePoint, among others. Learn more about event stream integration.
  • Video Conferencing: Collaborate in real-time with colleagues in disparate offices or locations. tibCast, tibbr’s add-on video conferencing technology, allows you to have live, face-to-face conversations with a co-worker, partner or customer – all from your tibbr wall.
  • Screen Sharing: Share the latest presentation or web page you’re looking at while you talk with co-workers in real time.
  • Instant Messaging: Chat one-on-one with a co-worker to get help on the latest project or customer issue. tibChat enables you to instant message your colleagues right when you need them.
  • Voice Memos: Call in a voice note to your tibbr wall from your phone, sharing it with the proper Subject or group.
  • Life Streams: Access your latest Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter feed. Life streams enable you to check out your other social tools right inside tibbr.
  • Communities: Extend your social computing environment beyond your employees or coworkers by setting up secure communities with customers, partners, and other key stakeholders.
  • Mobile: Access tibbr from native apps on the iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry – so the relevant information you need is at your fingertips everywhere you go.
  • SharePoint Integration: Share and upload documents to and from Microsoft SharePoint, bringing relevant content into a collaborative context via tibbr.
  • Analytics: Know the hot subjects across your enterprise in real time. With tibAnalytics, powerful graphics visually display the popularity of content across your organization, helping you understand what people are most actively collaborating on.

tibbr SharePoint Integration Features

  • SharePoint Stream. As your users work from inside tibbr, they can easily browse for a SharePoint document, select it, and attach it to a message inside tibbr’s activity stream. There, their colleagues can have discussions around it – all without leaving the contextual confines of their tibbr activity stream.
  • Upload to SharePoint. tibbr’s powerful, bi-directional capabilities allows users to upload documents to a SharePoint library without leaving tibbr.
  • Integrated Search & Discovery. Inside tibbr, your people can search for the documents, sites and libraries inside SharePoint. Similarly, search for tibbr content from inside SharePoint.
  • tibbr SharePoint Web Parts. tibbr can be embedded anywhere inside SharePoint as a SharePoint Web Part. tibbr Web Parts deliver contextually relevant information that’s being shared inside tibbr subjects – and their activity streams – to the appropriate My Site inside SharePoint as users access pertinent documents.
  • Mobile. Because tibbr can be downloaded as a native app on all the major mobile platforms – including iOS, Android and BlackBerry – your users can access their SharePoint content from anywhere.
  • SharePoint Events. tibbr can pull relevant SharePoint events (i.e. when a document is checked in and checked out) into its activity stream. Unlike other social platforms, its not a static fire hose of SharePoint activities. Instead, tibbr ties SharePoint events to its powerful subject-based taxonomy, making it possible to deliver the right SharePoint event-based updates to the people that need them.
  • Secure Web Parts
    • tibbr provides pre-built – yet easily configurable – Web Parts that deliver tibbr content paired with relevant sites in SharePoint.
    • Easily pair a Web Part to a Subject in tibbr. For example, the HR Policies MySite and document library in SharePoint would be tied to the corresponding HR subject in tibbr. So when a user visits this MySite, they have the context of their colleagues’ updates right at their fingertips.
    • Through fine-grained administration, security of both private and public groups in tibbr is honored inside of SharePoint.