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Jive for SharePoint

Jive for SharePoint brings rich social interaction to your SharePoint content, so you and your team can easily find, track and work with the documents and information your business depends on. The Jive Engage Platform combines all the enterprise-class capabilities businesses require, plus the consumer-style experience users love. It provides everything you need to create viral communities that engage employees, customers, partners, and the social web, opening vast new opportunities for internal collaboration, customer care, social marketing, and sales.


  • Instant collaboration. Automatic updates: Collaborating on SharePoint content has never been this easy. As users create new SharePoint files, they’re automatically shared with Jive, and followers are instantly notified of the latest documents, edits, and updates.
  • Access SharePoint from Jive: From new docs and file updates to calendar views and project lists, you get vital SharePoint information right in Jive. Plus, users can search across all Jive and SharePoint content in a single search.
  • Full document preview, single sign-on: Read and review SharePoint documents in Jive. You don’t even have to log into SharePoint, thanks to Jive’s single sign-on capability
  • From one. To the other: Push content to SharePoint from Jive and vice versa, with a single click. We take care of geeky stuff like including the right metadata and kicking off the right workflows—so you don’t have to.
  • Search SharePoint. From Jive: Search across all discussions, documents, and experts from one place. Whether you use FAST or native SharePoint searching, users have one way to find the people and information they need to get their jobs done and make decisions.





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