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Neudesic Pulse

Many businesses have invested in Microsoft’s SharePoint technology for their collaboration, document management and content management needs. Neudesic Pulse extends this platform by adding a rich social layer to everything inside SharePoint. Now, any SharePoint site, document, task list or workflow can be Neudesic Pulse enabled.

  • Increase User Adoption of SharePoint: Neudesic Pulse even extends SharePoint’s social capabilities by enhancing your My Site to include rich, real-time micro-blogging, enhanced profiles, and a continuously evolving set of questions and answers. The result is a more engaging My Site experience with higher user adoption.
  • Put Conversations Where They Belong: Traditionally whenever a user had a question about something in SharePoint, they’d ask it in email, IM or with a phone call. Now, users can comment on documents, ask questions and provide feedback in the one place where it belongs – in SharePoint.
  • Make SharePoint Mobile: Neudesic Pulse also makes SharePoint mobile by providing on-phone access to conversations that occur in SharePoint. You no longer need to be chained to your laptop in order to see what’s happening in SharePoint.
  • My Sites for everyone: Neudesic Pulse completely transforms your My Site into a complete social juggernaut. By adding rich, Enterprise Microblogging, deep Connections with Experts, and powerful System Feeds you will fall in love with your new social work life.