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[EN] New Solution Calinda SocialFactor

SocialFactor from Calindasoftware provides an environment within the SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Social Network where people can leverage their relationships to get things done together. Everyone can start public or private conversations on profile pages, get involved in communities or create new communities. Conversations can start in the social network and continue in the e-mail, allowing …


[EN] SharePointSocial News Lagniappe | week 05.12

A weekly summary of news about social business and SharePoint

Social in General

  • Surprising Findings About Mobile Worker Collaboration A recent Avanade-sponsored survey of over 600 C-suite executives uncovered some surprising business trends
  • Dubai Chronicle Strategies for turning Business Social: Strategies for establishing a social business combine most frequently acknowledged changes taking place within forward-moving …


[EN] Raona PiuPoint – Winners of the European SharePoint Community Awards 2012

Raona with it’s solution PiuPoint won the European SharePoint Community Awards 2012 in the category Best SharePoint Social Strategy.

PiuPoint is an enterprise social software for companies, departments or work groups that can be created and customized easily and quickly over SharePoint. With PiuPoint, companies can improve collaboration, accelerate innovation, become more transparent, and decrease e-mail …


[EN] New Solution Layer 2 Knowledge Management Suite for SharePoint 2010

Layer2, based in Hamburg, Germany, offers the The Knowledge Management Suite for Microsoft SharePoint 2010, a set of collaborative knowledge management and social networking features for SharePoint like tag suggesting, auto tagging and web parts for tag navigation, tag directory, tag cloud, and additional tools to manage taxonomies in SharePoint 2010.

More information in our solution …


[EN] Casestudy Enterprise 2.0 at Alcatel-Lucent

The 80,000-worker telecommunications giant Alcatel-Lucent began adopting social media inside the organization as far back as 2008. But Alcatel isn’t stopping at basic social collaboration. Dion Hinchcliffe published a casestudy how Alcatel implemented a social plattform first on Yammer than on Jive in connection with SharePoint.

Read the whole story at Enterprise 2.0 Success: Alcatel-Lucent


[DE] Namics Studie Schweizer Unternehmen und Social Media

Die Schweizer Namics AG hat in einer Social Media-Studie führende Schweizer Unternehmen befragt, wie sie die Kommunikation in sozialen Medien organisieren. Zwischen Organisationen mit Erfahrung in sozialen Medien und den Nachzüglern konnten dabei deutliche Unterschiede feststellen.

  • Wie organisieren Schweizer Unternehmen die Kommunikation in sozialen Medien?
  • Was ist der Grund, dass manche Unternehmen zwar bereits seit …


[DE] Blogs, Wikis und Foren in SharePoint – eine Übersicht

Was sind die Unterschiede zwischen Blog, Wiki und Diskussionforen in SharePoint und für welche Zwecke eignen sich die einzelnen Bausteine am besten? Dieser Frage ist Fred Yano auf NothingbutSharePoint.com nachgegangen und hat eine große Vergleichstabelle erstellt.

[EN] Colligo Briefcase Access SharePoint Content Securely from an iPad

Colligo Networks, a company known for giving access to SharePoint content inside Outlook, introduced a new product called Colligo Briefcase Enterprise, a tool that enables users to access SharePoint content securely from an iPad.

Security features include hardware-based encryption, the ability to remotely wipe the SharePoint content from the device and the ability for administrators …


[EN] Telligent offers free Social Starter ToolKit

Telligent offers a free Social Starter ToolKit. It’s a guide about Social Media and Online Communities and provides guidelines, white papers, videos, best practices, and more:

Guidelines: Learn How To Maneuver in the Social Space

Telligent is committed to ensuring that we engage in social media the right way. Our Social Media Guidelines have …


[EN] Free Twitter Webparts for SharePoint

On Google Code Brickred has released free Twitter webparts for SharePoint: SharePoint Twitter.

„What is SharePoint Twitter?

Are you looking to show the twitter updates of your organization on your sharepoint portal ? If yes, then this project is what you might need. We are providing five !webparts for SharePoint 2007 & SharePoint 2010.

  • First, …