[EN] SharePointSocial News Lagniappe | week 10.12


Social Business Councils, Other Ways to Create a Social Culture

„To embody social, one must be social. So be social — get up from your desk, take a walk around the office, sit with other people from other departments at lunch. Social business is as social business does (I’m running out of pop culture references…); if you’re not actively engaged, the powers that be may not think there’s a need to keep people connected.

How To Build A Networked Organization

Margaret Schweer and colleagues surveyed 76 talent managers at organizations to determine what practices enhanced collaboration.  They also interviewed talent experts and conducted 15 in depth case studies, before analyzing the behavior of leading performers within these organizations to see how they differed from their less collaborative colleagues.  Her team made a number of key findings.“


SharePoint Social Software Bubbles – Part 2

In this blog post Ant Clay likes to move away from the conceptual world of Social Business and focus on SharePoint and it’s role as a potential implementation of Social Software.