[EN] Penteo Report Case Study of the Adoption of Enterprise Social Networks

Zyncro presents the Penteo report, which analyzes the experience of several companies that have successfully implemented enterprise social networks in their organizations.

„The companies interviewed have obtained enormous value from implementing enterprise social networks. Enterprise social networks for creating online communities is a way of organizing people and performing tasks in a highly collaborative way. The organizations interviewed are aware that social technologies have a strategic and business impact, and represent a radical transformation in the relationships between potential users. Adopting enterprise social networks should not be seen as a mere technology project. The goal of this type of project is to direct the company towards a more “community-centered” culture. Enterprise social networks are still quite recent in their application within the business sphere,but as we have seen, there are cases where companies use these tools to convert their employee sinto strategic assets within the organization. […]

Enterprise social networks are tools for business, and functional areas should be the ones to lead these initiatives. […] Implementing social software is more than just technology issue; that technology must specific fulfill business requirements. It must be based on a strategy that facilitates rollout, promotion,training, and injects energy into the community of end users who are the ones that determinethe success or failure of the initiative.The technology departments must address the requirements of the organization’s different areas and departments to provide the best solutions in terms of collaboration, co-creation, connection between employees, internal support, innovation, etc. In other words, they must find the right technology solution to bring the main benefits perceived by the organization to the forefront.The corporate culture needs to be revolutionized/evolved in order to place people before systems. Companies need to adapt to the Web 2.0 philosophy. Our customers (and even our ownemployees) as Internet users have already made that change.“

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