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Formotus Mobile SharePoint Apps

The Formotus platform enables rapid delivery of custom mobile SharePoint apps for iPad and Android. The Formotus client software works offline without a browser and requires no server-side installation to connect directly to any SharePoint account.


Formotus does not offer all-purpose access to browse SharePoint sites. On the contrary, Formotus offers a way to create highly specialized, controlled access to specific data stored on SharePoint. Some of the ways the Formotus platform lets you work with SharePoint:

  • Upload InfoPath forms directly from your SharePoint library to your Formotus account for conversion into mobile forms
  • Query data from a SharePoint list directly into your mobile form
  • Submit data from your mobile form directly into a SharePoint library
  • Promote data fields in your form that you want to see in SharePoint columns
  • Trigger SharePoint workflows with mobile form submissions
  • Open submitted forms from SharePoint using InfoPath for printing, editing, and viewing image fields such as photos, signatures and diagrams (the InfoPath view can be different than the mobile view if you want)
  • Use SharePoint as a dispatch center for pushing job information to mobile workers