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Colligo Briefcase Enterprise

Easily store, view, sync, find, and share SharePoint files, lists, images, documents and emails, including Outlook .msg files, on the iPad. Confidently support iPads in your enterprise, with security features designed to ensure the integrity of your corporate data. Colligo Briefcase Enterprise works with every Colligo email management solution for desktops, laptops, and smartphones, providing unified, centrally-managed access to SharePoint content, online and off, on-premise or in the cloud.


  • View: Browse and find content, without requiring a web browser. Navigate SharePoint sites using the intuitive folder tree, for immediate access to lists, images, documents, and emails, directly from the preview pane.
  • Sync: Store SharePoint content offline for fast access, even when you’re not on the network.
  • Find: Colligo Briefcase allows you to search your synced SharePoint content for documents and other files. Favorites provide quick access to commonly-used folders and files.
  • Share: Colligo Briefcase lets you email links to documents in SharePoint, helping reduce the need for attachments and promoting the use of SharePoint for document storage and collaboration. Or, send the full document to external recipients without SharePoint access.
  • Enterprise security: Colligo Briefcase Enterprise is designed for today’s enterprise environments. Working seamlessly with Colligo Administrator, SharePoint sites, folders, and favorites can be administered centrally, or by importing/exporting configurations, allowing users to get started with zero setup. Colligo Briefcase Enterprise supports centrally-managed installation, deployment, and customization, working in conjunction with major MDM (Mobile Device Management) systems.
  • Enterprise deployment: Colligo Briefcase works seamlessly with Colligo Administrator, a server-based console tool for configuring and managing Colligo’s desktop and mobile applications.