Data Governance with Azure Purview & Azure Synapse best Practices!

18.02.2021 - 19:00 - 22:00 Uhr


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Hi data aficionados,

awaiting you for another great evening with tech talks, discussions and drinks! Still in lockdown this will be a virtual event again.

We got two sessions for you:

Our 1st speaker will be ****** Hans-Peter Bareiner ******

Hans-Peter is a Cloud Solution Architect for Data & AI at Microsoft – taking care for large scale global customers (and one of my closest peers at MS 🙂 )

##### Data Governanance with Azure Purview #####
Hans-Peter will give an introduction to the new Purview service on Azure. Purview integrates deeply into Azure data services – but also support hybrid scenarios. For: data discovery and cataloging, lineaging and information protection. The Purview service will be key for managing a data estate on Azure. Join the talk and tell us about your data governance needs and experiences!

Our 2nd speaker will be ****** Andre Kamann ******

André is a So-Called Modern Data Engineer and architecht for mostly in Azure. He has done a lot of DBA work on 1000’s of servers where he discovered his love for Powershell, architecting SQL Server solutions, building and tuning ETL processes (with BIML), and even implementing PDW. Having to wrangle a lot of data he’s using Python, SparkSQL in Azure Databricks, Data Factory and Power BI as well these days. André is a Data Platform MPV, Dutch PASS Chapter, Leader organiser of SQL Saturday Holland and Data & BI track volunteer for Techorama Holland

##### Practical Data Distribution in Dedicated SQL Pools #####
Having just finished a project where 200+ TB of data was moved to a Synapse Dedicated SQL pool, formerly SQL DW, I learned that there is no one size fits all method regarding how you partition and distribute your data and what your index options are. (Hint, column store is not always a good choice)
This session is demo heavy based on notes from the field, mixed with some diagrams to explain the theory behind what we are seeing.

Happy to have both of you on the 18.02.!

Our usual disclaimer: if we have English speaking attendees in our call – the sessions will be delivered in English language. Don’t hesitate to join. And please invite your colleagues, business partners, who ever might be interested, to this event!

The Teams meeting link will be provided in time before the 18th.

Stay tuned,

Georg(e) on behalf of the Berlin MS Data & AI team: Ben, Markus & me!