Microsoft Data & AI Berlin *Power BI loves Google Maps* & *Develop an Azure SQL app for mobile clients*!

17.12.2020 - 19:00 - 22:00 Uhr


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Hi data aficionados,

regardless of the „partial lockdown“ we will have our „Christmas meetup“ in December – virtually or „hybrid“ (@Ceteris hopefully – but for sure in Teams)!

I ‚ll miss the „Glühwein“ we had the last years 🙁 but the content looks great…


1st speaker will be: ****** Chris Jacob ******

Chris is senior BI architect @NEW YORKER. 11 years of MS BI consultancy before that). His session:

##### Power BI loves Google Maps! #####

Chris will show us how the Google Maps APIs can be utilized in Power BI to solve very „Berlinish“ questions: How much time is spend by the about 330.000 commuters for travelling every day? Are the offices well positioned for commuters? How can the routes be optimized?
Google Maps, Power BI & a bit of Python will do the trick!


2nd session will be ****** Thomas Gross & Wolfgang Sigel ******

Thomas is certified MS SQL DBA, .Net developer and managing director of & Wolfgang is qualified computer scientist and developer of database backed applications. Their session:

##### Develop an Azure SQL app for mobile clients #####

We will learn end-to-end how to develop a mobile app that collects data from user input and stores that into an Azure SQL DB. Thomas & Wolfgang will demonstrate how to set up the dev environment, to implement the SQL backend (using Entity Framework) plus a Web API. The client will be build with Xamarin.Forms. Hej!


As usual: sessions will be delivered in English unless we see a 100% German speaking audience.

Event URL (Teams) will be shared shortly before the event.

I am sure the sessions will be accompanied by some (distant) social activity – mulled wine tasting…? Let’s see.

Georg(e) on behalf of the Berlin MS Data & AI team: Ben, Markus & me!