Berlin AWS Group Virtual Meetup – March 2022

15.03.2022 - 01:00 - 21:00 Uhr


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18:45 – Warming up and networking chat

19:00 – #BreakTheBias – How the WomenOfTIER initiative makes a difference

Speaker: Nastya Koro

Speaker Bio:
Nastya Koro is a mobility expert, passionate about what moves urban citizens and society. She enjoys revealing people’s needs and driving technological solutions forward to bring human-centered change in our cities. As a strong advocate of female empowerment, she has always been involved in running various female-focused communities in tech. Currently, she contributes to it as part of the Women of Tier to change mobility for good for everyone.

Women are under-represented in the tech sector: being half of the population they count not even a quarter of the workforce. What can go wrong if we don’t pay attention to diversity in tech companies? A lot of things, and we as Women of Tier initiative witnessed first-hand what happens if employers and employees don’t make diversity a priority. We advocate to #BreakTheBias – not only at TIER but within the broader industry. We have learned that empowering women leads to inclusivity and innovation. In this talk, we will share with you how we successfully promote gender diversity at TIER and support women to achieve their full potential.

Level 200

19:30 – Architecting for Sustainability

Speaker: Katja Philipp

Speaker Bio:
Katja Philipp is a Solutions Architect at AWS with a background in Information Systems. She enables her customers in the Power & Utilities vertical with best practices around their cloud journey. Katja is passionate about sustainability and how technology can be leveraged to solve current challenges for a better future.

As more organizations align their business with sustainable practices, it is crucial to understand the impact of your IT resources. In this session, you will learn how you can use the cloud in your transformation to more sustainability. We’ll take a look at the shared responsibility model for environmental sustainability and share best practices for architecting for sustainability. This session dives deep into architecture patterns that can help you make your infrastructure resource-efficient, and therefore energy efficient with a focus on user patterns, data and hardware patterns, as well as software design.

Level 200

20:15 – MLOps with AWS

Speaker: John Robert
Speaker Bio:
John Robert is a Machine Learning Engineer at Adtriba GMBH. He works on creating machine learning models and deploying them to production.

Tooling in MLOps is overwehelming. We often ask, what tool should I use for this task while deploying my machine learning model? Though the job may be the same, the situation and data can differ. The importance of cloud service providers such as AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud is ubiquitous, but how can we optimize cloud services for MLOps. Amazon Web Service(AWS) is the most used cloud service provider globally. In light of this, using Amazon services for MLOps is an excellent place to start. Amazon services are also well known to be compatible with other tools, and this makes it easier to get started using these services for MLOps. Amazon also specializes in creating different services based on use cases and scenarios for the same task. This solves the pain point in MLOps because MLOps is also use case-based.

Level: 200