[EN] Webcast Newsgator: Building a Shared Organizational Memory at Merck

Newsgator Webinar: Building a Shared Organizational Memory @ Merck

For a company looking to build a global social strategy aligned with its mission, it takes a dramatic culture shift in how you do your work every day. At Merck, they are teaching their workforce how to do work differently, and better yet, contribute differently through the use of social business solutions – Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft SQL, and NewsGator Social Sites. Through harvesting success stories and sharing them with the rest of the company, Merck is building a unique organizational memory that will grow and evolve as employees retire and as new employees begin their onboarding process. Success stories that include documented savings of over $700K by using crowd sourcing to solve a critical manufacturing problem in China. This includes the creation of a network of 20 communities that are used to share tacit knowledge and connect employees globally to solve problems and improve processes.

On Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 2:00 pm ET, Bob Maguire, Executive Director of SMS with Merck, will take you on an informative and entertaining journey to show you how Merck is creating a modern day collaborative water cooler by facilitating connections, creating a shared organization memory, and developing a productive and engaged workforce through better ways to do business. Bob will share and discuss the successful use cases they have learned as well as lessons they have learned along the way.

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