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[DE] Deutschlandfunk: Das Ende der Firmen-E-Mail

Wie können soziale Netzwerke die Kommunikation innerhalb von Unternehmen verändern? Darüber hat der Münchner Kreis diskutiert. Ein Ergebnis: Unternehmensinterne soziale Netze könnten sehr bald den herkömmlichen E-Mail-Verkehr in Firmen ablösen.

Damit beschäftigt sich dieser Beitrag vom Deutschlandfunk.

[EN] BYOD Bring Your Own Device – Benefits and Risks and a Webcast

BYOD Bring Your Own Device – Benefits and Risks

James Robertson takes a look at BYOD ‚bring your own device‘, discusses the pros and cons and provides a plan for a step-by-step approach to implement BYOD.

These days, many staff now have a modern smartphone and/or iPad as their personal device, and want to jettison their …


[EN] SharePointSocial News Lagniappe | week 16.12

The Three Essential Steps to a Socially Engaged Enterprise

„A study by PulsePoint Group in conjunction with “The Economist” Intelligence Unit titled “The Economics of the Socially Engaged Enterprise” has revealed that the socially engaged companies have a 400% greater impact. The study also outlined the steps that are essential to becoming a …


[EN] BYOD Is Bring Your Own Device Good for Enterprise Business?

Don Power wrote an article on Sprout Social Insights about „BYOD: Is “Bring Your Own Device” Good for Enterprise Business?“

More and more employees are using their personal mobile devices to carry their work home with them. They’re also carrying their personal lives (at least the parts that exist on their mobile devices) back into …