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Die weltweite Community der SharePoint Entwickler hat viele OpenSource-Projekte hervorgebracht, darunter auch Lösungen, die die Social Features in SharePoint ergänzen und erweitern.

CodePlex Projekte

  • SharePointSocialNetworking
    A Collection of solutions aimed at adding social networking to your SharePoint
    2010 site. The collection will include web parts, ribbon extensions and other
    type of solutions that will add or enhance the social networking capabilities of
  • Gov 2.0 Kit SharePoint 2010 MyPeeps MySite Accelerator
    ‚MyPeeps‘ – What’s on your mind? Gov 2.0 Kit ‚My Peeps‘ templates enable social
    sharing of information within government entities and allows optional promotion
    of this information to public facing social networking sites. This solution’s
    major advantage is that it is hosted on-premise for “government-only” social
    networking and all information is kept internal unless otherwise tagged to be
    posted to Internet sites like Twitter or Facebook.
  • Facebook Kit for SharePoint (FKS)
    The Facebook Kit for SharePoint (FKS) provides your end users with many great SharePoint web parts that leverage the Facebook Connect API. These Facebook web parts will provide great „Social“ value to you sites, and will help connect your employees to each other!
  • SharePoint Comments Anywhere
    This is a very simple project which provides a commenting web part and a list template with the instance to store user’s comments. Comments Anywhere can be configured on any list, pages library or any page of the SharePoint site with a web part zone enabling users to add their comments virtually anywhere you as an admin or a power user of your site want them to.
  • SharePoint Social Tag Counters
    The SharePoint Social Tag Counter project takes the social features from SharePoint 2010 to another level. It allows you to immediately show your SharePoint visitors how popular the content is with the help of Social „I like it“ and „Tag“ counters.

Podcasting Kits

  • SharePoint 2010 Podcasting Hands On Lab. Es zeigt exemplarisch, wie man die Communites-, Inhalts- und Suchfunktionen von SharePoint kombinieren kann, um eine Podcasting Umgebung bereitzustellen. Das HOL ist für den Einsatz auf der 2010 Information Worker Demonstration and Evaluation Virtual Machine (SP1) vorgesehen und zeigt in diversen einzelnen Labs, wie man Schritt-für.Schritt mit vorgefertigten Scripts die komplette Umgebung einrichtet.
  • Podcasting Kit for SharePoint (PKS) (SharePoint 2007 only!) is an accelerator for social media, using podcasting and social networks to deliver the next generation knowledge management solution to Microsoft customers. It delivers an integrated experience with a wide variety of devices including PC, Zune, Windows Mobile phones and other podcast capable devices.


  • SharePoint Outlook Connector
    SharePoint Outlook Connector makes it easier for outlook users to upload emails
    to SP and attach SP documents to an email message . You’ll no longer have to
    save your email to desktop and upload from SP UI or download SP documents to
    your drive and attach them to your email.
  • Send Documents as attachments with SharePoint 2010
    Enables sending of documents from SharePoint 2010 document libraries as email attachments.
  • Emailing Files as Attachments in Sharepoint 2010
    This solution makes it easy for Sharepoint 2010 users to email files as attachments from the Sharepoint Ribbon Menu. The user can select multiple documents at a time, as well as Folders of files and document sets.
  • Out2share (CodePlex)
    Out2share is an Outlook 2010 add-in that allows you to save email in a Sharepoint document library. It’s developed in C#. You can drag an email from Outlook and Drop it in Sharepoint Document library Folder. During upload, email metadata are extracted and inserted in library columns Subject, From, To. Email is saved as .msg file.
  • Exchange WebPart for SharePoint 2010 and 2007
    With the webpart, you can see how many unread emails, see emails preview and you can mark as read an email. This component is compatible with Exchange 2007 SP1 and Exchange 2010. I use Exchange Web Service API to communicate with the exchange server.

What else

  • Integrating LinkedIn with SharePoint Sites
    These days LinkedIn is one of the most important social networking site for professionals. It has got some very useful information and now it is easy to display this information in the SharePoint site. LinkedIn site provide plugin which we can utilize to display information from the site. The LinkedIn plugin are available @ https://developer.linkedin.com/plugins. Here is a demo for the Company Profile Plugin displaying the information on the SharePoint Site.
  • WEBCON BPS Starter

    WEBCON BPS Express is a fully operational version of WEBCON BPS system, available free of charge with no time limit, using up to 10 GB database. It also includes 6 ready-to-use workflows for IT department https://starter.webcon.com/de/