You Can’t Spell Community without ‘U’: How to Foster Belonging in M365

22.10.2020 - 19:00 - 20:00 Uhr


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There is a place for “U” in the Microsoft 365 Community, whether you are a newcomer or have been around the community for years.
The beautiful South African Bantu word “Ubuntu” means “I am who I am, because of who we all are”, and the Microsoft community is a true example of “Sharing is Caring”.
This group discussion will help you understand the variety of ways to collaborate and get involved in giving back to your community. Join us as we share tips on how we can unite globally and offer guidance on where to find support, resources and best practices on leveraging M365 solutions to drive positive social impact.


Tracy Van Der Schyff-
To facilitate the evolution of human capabilities, Tracy’s passion is to empower people and therefore training and change management lie close to her heart. Her Mission is to positively impact WHAT and HOW people create, as she believes that what we design / create, designs / creates us back (Ontological Design). It is about enabling others to serve themselves better, expand their possibilities, increase their capacity to learn, act more effectively and better design their future.

David Warner –
David Warner is an Office Development MVP with a passionate interest on community innovation. Supporting the community through positive collaboration and helping bring out the human personalities of the community members is something he spends much of his time working on.


Hugo Bernier –
Hugo is someone organizations call when their Office 365, SharePoint, and Dynamics 365 projects are doomed to fail and need help to get things back on track.
As the self-proclaimed „World’s Laziest Developer“ and a certified SCRUM Master, he teaches organizations how to successfully deliver their Microsoft 365 engagements while minimizing efforts and increased user adoption.
Hugo has worked in Canada, the United States, Germany, Finland, Singapore, Hungary, France, and the United Kingdom.
He is an active member of the SharePoint Development Community and has created several PnP reusable controls, property controls, and many sample web parts and extensions.
Hugo is also a proud member of the Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices (PnP) Team. The PnP team is a group of Microsoft employees and MVPs who coordinate the various open-source activities across GitHub and other social media channels, focused on helping the community on how to best use of Microsoft products, like Microsoft Teams, OneDrive, SharePoint or API layer like Microsoft Graph.

Luise Freese –
Luise is a Microsoft 365 Consultant based in Germany, MVP for Office Apps & Services, kick-butt Power Apps Developer, SketchNote Artist, blogger, speaker and stickerpreneur at She loves all things Lego, Community, Microsoft 365, calls herself a ‚professional learner and too lazy runner“ and strongly believes in the Sharing Is Caring mission. You can find her 24/7 on twitter.

Harsha Vardini –
I am Harsha Vardhini, indigenous native from Tamil Nadu, presently living in Goa, India. I am working for the past 6 years in SharePoint technology and currently working as M365 Architect in TrnDigital. I love teaching and sharing to the community because of the proverb as follows, “Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime”. Teaching a person, how something works helps them to solve the problem and helps them to solve the future problems on their own. These are the same people who helps me later when I get struck. That’s the beauty of a being in a community.
I love working with React JS because it is so simple if a person understands. After working with React JS for 2 and half years, jQuery is complex to me?. I am passionate about learning new things as it keeps me up to date and be prepared always.