Videos in Social Intranet

24.05.2016 - 11:00 - 11:45 Uhr


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Ein MovingImage24 Webinar

movimage24These days it’s hard to find a company without a wiki, a platform for sharing files and ideas or a collaborative planning tool. Social Intranet is booming and it offers many possibilities for optimizing internal corporate communications. Companies can manage their projects centrally and spread information dynamically. Increasingly enterprises are using videos to make their corporate network more attractive. This use of video also has a positive effect on cost efficiency and process optimization.

Sebastian Picklum, Product Vision Owner at movingimage, will present the most important applications for video in Social Intranet. He will show how user generated video content can be used to foster training in your company. In addition, our expert will present some common social software solutions and how to combine them with an enterprise video management solution.

Topic overview

  • Social Intranet – general introduction
  • Interesting use cases
  • Social Software: the most important tools
  • Technical integration of videos


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