The Future of Work & how to prepare for it

15.08.2018 - 18:45 - 21:30 Uhr

openBerlin Cisco Innovation Center EUREF Campus
Torgauer Str. 12-15, Haus 3
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The Future of Work
… and the big question how to prepare for it?

This time we do not want to stress the topic how robotics or artificial intelligence will change the way we work in the future.

In this meet up we would like address the question “How do I even prepare for what is coming?”

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What is the best class I can take in university?
Do I even have to study anymore or start my own business right away?
What skills do I need to learn to be successful in the future?

We have great speakers joining us on stage that night

• Anne Kjaer Riechert – CEO and Co-founder of ReDI School
• Michael Rausch – COO (Fixer & Enabler) at Cyberforum
• Carsten Johnson – Networking Academy at Cisco
• Christoph Nienhaus – IT Lead and CIO for Cisco Germany

Read more about our speakers by clicking at the on the images posted below!!

Your openBerlin Team

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