TeamsDayOnline III

07.04.2021 - 08.04.2021


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Join us on April 7 and April 8, 2021 at the free, virtual Teams Day Online Conference!

Featuring experts on the Modern Workplace and Microsoft Teams, our speakers will introduce you to tips, tricks and tools as they demonstrate “Real World” solutions that will boost your organization’s performance, productivity. and overall collaboration capabilities.  Teams Day Online will bring the Microsoft Teams community together to freely share knowledge to build the Global Modern Workplace and Microsoft Teams communities. 

Whether you are rookie or a master on Microsoft Teams, there are sessions to fit your organization’s needs and will provide the information and training that your team needs to govern,  operationalization, and adopt Microsoft Teams to solve business problems.  

Some of the event’s key topics include:  

  • How to Use Microsoft Teams as a Platform for Field and First-Line Workers
  • Learn How to Make Microsoft Teams Fit Your Work Style
  • Navigate How Microsoft Teams can be used to Streamline Communications
  • How IT and First-Line Workers can find a Common Language to Tackle User Adoption Together
  • Build a Successful Onboarding Process with out-of-the-box Office 365 Tools
  • How to Externally Share Microsoft Teams Efficiently with Your Organization’s Partners
  • Create Chat Bots to Assist Your Organization with Microsoft Teams
  • Discover which Microsoft Teams Apps are Best for Your Organization’s Workstream
  • And more!