ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI – The digital get-together for Deep Driving & Computer Vision experts in Automotive

11.02.2019 - 09:00 - 17:00 Uhr


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Welcome to ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI – the digital event deep diving into Level +5 automation. Experience 2 days with 12 live webinars and case studies by stakeholders involved in deep driving, imaging, computer vision, sensor fusion and perception in the Level +5 automation scene. Learn, engage and discuss automotive tech innovation in real-time with thought leaders across the globe – right from your desk.

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  • ScaleUp 360° Automotive AI
  • Sensor Fusion Technology – How to merge sensor data to perceive the whole environment around the vehicle?
  • Innovating Lidar – Which technologies enable cost-effective and powerful Lidar sensors?
  • How testing & validation tools for autonomous vehicles and its software systems accelerate the race for autonomous driving
  • Scaling autonomous driving globally – How advanced machine learning & simulation technologies enable self-driving cars under all conditions and in all locations
  • Enabling perception with next gen maps – How HD maps reduce hardware requirements in autonomous vehicles
  • Correlating mapping and sensor data to build border-to-border models of the road
  • Realizing deep learning in cars – what is needed to go beyond machine learning (More processing power, accurate training data, safety)?
  • From Sensing to Planning – the 4 different stages of vehicle intelligence and their challenges
  • Making autonomous vehicles fit – which tools facilitate gathering training data from simulations?
  • Edge Computing in Level 5 Automation
  • Computer Vision in Level 5 Automation

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