MS Reactor PopUp Berlin Overview of Azure OpenAI Service

14.06.2023 - 10:00 - 11:00 Uhr


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What is this session about?

This an overview session where you’ll learn how Microsoft is working with OpenAI and about the availability of OpenAI Large Language Models in Azure OpenAI Service.

Why should you attend?

You’ll get to understand the specific features and benefits of the Azure OpenAI service and an overview of the capabilities and use cases, demos, and customer stories.
This a session is for people who’ve heard of or tried ChapGPT and want to understand more and how advanced AI can be integrated in apps and business processes.

Start Learning Now / Event resources:

• Introduction to Azure OpenAI Service
• Introduction to prompt engineering

Speaker Bio:
Dave Glover is a Principal Cloud Advocate based in Sydney Australia and works with the developer community. He is a passionate software developer, with interests in AI, embedded platforms, and cloud systems. Feel free to connect with him on LinkedIn @gloveboxes.

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