Let’s Get Cognitive #5 – Introducing Microsoft Bot Framework Composer

02.06.2021 - 17:00 - 18:30 Uhr


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Dear Microsoft Chatbot Enthusiast,

Ready for another round of Let’s Get Cognitive?

There is a new way for building sophisticated bots: The Microsoft Bot Framework Composer—and here’s your chance to learn about it.

Book Author and Microsoft MVP Stephan Bisser will introduce us to the topic. There’s also the chance to win a copy of his book „Microsoft Conversational AI Platform for Developers“.

I am looking forward to v-meeting you.

** Introducing the Microsoft Bot Framework Composer **

Building bots nowadays is more or less a developer’s task, as it means writing actual code before the bot deployment can take place. Microsoft currently announced a new tool called „Bot Framework Composer“ which should help you build your bots and model your dialogs with a visual interface instead of writing code. Therefore the aim of this session will get a look into new and easy ways for building sophisticated bots using the Bot Framework tool belt without actually writing code.