Learn the art of Prompt Engineering with best practices and safety features

03.08.2023 - 18:00 - 19:00 Uhr


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Microsoft Reactor

About this series
This series will commence with a fundamental session on OpenAI and Azure OpenAI. Subsequently, we will engage in thought provoking discussion on Responsible AI, followed by exploring Prompt Engineering, empowering citizen developers with OpenAI with examples, and gaining valuable insights on Semantic Kernel.
Who is it aimed at: Technical Program Managers, Developers, Architects, Citizen Developers
Register for all upcoming events of the Discovering Azure OpenAI series: https://developer.microsoft.com/reactor/series/S-1169

About this session:
Dive into the basics of Prompt Engineering, exploring different techniques, with examples and incorporating safety and moderation features.

Here are some useful ressources for this session:

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