International Teams Summit

13.06.2023 - 17:00 - 23:00 Uhr


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The International Teams Summit in June 2023 is a free event!
Our goal: We want to educate attendees on the topic of Microsoft Teams. To achieve this goal we have invited MS Teams experts from around the world that will inform you about the countless possibilities that help your business grow.

Your benefits:

  • Reduced costs & more flexibility: Travel costs for trade shows are a big factor in possibly deciding against attending, especially with a tight budget. This includes airfare and travel arrangements; losing valuable work time and being blocked for several days. The ‚International Teams Summit‘ is virtual, the lectures are free of charge and you can flexibly put together your individual training program.
  • Practical orientation: Our experts not only impress in theory, but give examples from professional practice and hot issues.
  • Interactivity & Networking: There are no recordings with commentary function! Our lectures and workshops are always live, up-to-date and interactive, and we also offer digital spaces for networking during the breaks – making the digital event a real experience!
  • Environment: The topics environment and protecting it are becoming increasingly important. Traveling to conferences is a big impact on the environmental footprint and can be avoided by virtualizing this event.

Choose interesting sessions for you and put them together in your personal agenda. With the International Teams Summit access link you can log in unlimited on the event day and participate in your sessions!

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