Global Azure Bootcamp 2021 (Azure Group FFM)

15.04.2021 - 17:00 - 20:00 Uhr


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Of course, everyone wanted physical meetups, but in the realities of a pandemic that is not happening. This year #GlobalAzure will be a virtual event again.

Here comes your line up:

Session 1: Modern Serverless Applications with Azure Durable Functions, ACI and Docker-
Speaker: Damir Dobric –

Session 2: Digital Twins –
Speaker: Vitaliy Slepakov – Twitter: @vslepakov

DETAILS to Session 1:
In the modern world of digital transformation and the increasing popularity of cloud technology, almost every single application becomes part of a more complex distributed system. With the help of Serverless services, some parts of applications can be implemented more easily and efficiently.
In this session, you will learn how to implement and operate long-running applications using Azure Functions. You will learn about developing and monitoring long-running applications useful for integration scenarios.

This deep-dive session demonstrates how durable functions can be used to deploy and monitor long-running processes composed in Docker containers and operated in the Azure Container registry.

This session focuses on software architects and developers with the goal of designing and implementing modern enterprise applications. Demos in this session will include lessons learned and best practices from real enterprise customer projects.

DETAILS to Session 2:
Building Digital Twins solutions involves stitching together a lot of building blocks (modeling, storage, event systems, etc.), and doing this in a scalable and secure manner is time consuming. It’s hard to keep digital twins up to date with changes from the real world, and react to changes as they happen to keep customer experiences relevant and fresh.

In this session you will learn how Azure Digital Twins can help you tackle these challenges and accelerate the time to value for IoT connected environment solutions .