Data + Women Virtual Tableau User Group

13.06.2018 - 18:00 - 19:00 Uhr


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Join us on Wednesday, June 13, for the fourth Data + Women Virtual Tableau User Group – Founders Edition!

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During this session you will have the opportunity to hear from a group of stellar women in data founders who have put their ideas into action to make a difference with data. Each will share why and how they launched their initiative, their impact, and advice for others ready to do the same in ten minute lightening talks, followed by some live Q&A and candid discussion.



  • Welcome and Introduction by Brit Cava and Chloe Tseng, She Talks Data
  • Lightning Talk by Kira Wetzel, girls + data
  • Lightning Talk by Chantilly Jaggernauth, Millennials and Data
  • Lightning Talk by Dilyana Suleymanova, The Secrets of Dashboards
  • Lightning Talk by Emily Kund, Tableau Fringe Festival
  • Live Q&A


Meet the speakers:

Kira Wetzel founded girls + data, a 501(c)(3) when she participated in a Girls in Tech – Milwaukee mentoring opportunity in 2016. Young women in elementary, intermediate, and high school attended this event to ask questions to a wide panel of women IT professionals. As the only data analytics professional in the room, she had quite the audience trying to understand what she did. After talking to about ten girls and one parent, Kira left the event having answered several questions about one serious misconception about working in technology: a career in technology means a career in computer science or programming. As a woman who loves data analytics and who uses programming „some of the time,“ she has set out to overcome the idea that you have to be a „coder“ to be a woman in tech. Through hands-on workshops she has developed a program that culminates in participants developing real world exposure to dashboard development and analytics. In 12 months this program has provided approximately 300 students with exposure to careers in data analytics and have an exciting roadmap for 2018-2019 that will provide more advanced hands-on experience. By day, Kira is currently works and lives in Silicon Valley. During the day she is developing analytics and outside of playing with data she can be found traveling with her husband, playing with her dogs, and distance running.

Chantilly Jaggernauth’s mission is to empower organizations and individuals through the use of data visualizations and data analytics. She specializes in data visualization design, data analytics and development, training, speaking engagements, and solution implementation. Chantilly has showcased her exemplary unique skill set at two Fortune 50 companies for over seven years. Currently, she is employed as a Senior Data Analyst at Comcast, a telecommunications conglomerate based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. In her current role at Comcast, Chantilly manages data analytics and data visualization for the Talent Intelligence department. She uses Tableau and Alteryx to analyze data and to create impactful visualizations and data solutions for leadership and key stakeholders. During her free time Chantilly is a data analytics and visualization consultant and trainer. She is the Founder and CEO of the non-profit organization Millennials and Data (#MAD). She enjoys analyzing open data sets, publishing interactive storytelling visualizations, training, mentoring, educating herself on data analytics and visualizations, and being an active member in the data community.

Dilyana Suleymanova is a Data Analyst at Ceteris AG. Her professional focus (and also her passion) is on data visualization and data analysis. She discovered her interest in the data in 2014 at a workshop at Google when she was still a student. After that, she decided to write a master thesis about the Big Data. She also completed an internship in Business Intelligence in Berlin, where she gained her first experience with Tableau. Her first experience with data visualization for the clients she did at GHG Service GmbH, where she had been created dashboards for marketing two years long. Dilyana created a project “The Secrets of Dashboards” in February 2018. In the context of this project, she writes blog articles and organizes MeetUps for all Data People in Berlin. Currently, she is studying Data Analyst Nanodegree Program besides her work, where she deepens her knowledge of Python, SQL, and d3.

Emily Kund has been involved with the Tableau community for five years with her participation evolving from doing data visualizations as a hobby to founding the Tableau Fringe Festival, a global conference dedicated to the Tableau eco-system. She loves supporting data vizzers and Tableau community members whether it’s through the Tableau Wannabe Podcast she co-hosts, to the Vizzies, community-based awards recognizing leaders and technicians in the Tableau community, or providing resources for newcomers to the Tableau community. She is especially excited when she has the opportunity to talk to kids about data viz to get them excited about the field. Emily founded a leadership consultancy this year and does freelance data visualization work, through Analytics to Inform, to help executives obtain the information they need to make well-informed decisions. Outside of work, Emily is the mom to two awesome kids, Alex and Katie, a fitness enthusiast, and a co-chair with the Junior League of Annapolis to help women recovering from addiction create and maintain a daily positive routine. Emily also founded Pretty Strong Smart, a women’s empowerment initiative that conducts community outreach and provides scholarships for educational empowerment.

Brit Cava works in analytics and is based in Silicon Valley California. She specializes in designing visual analytics, data methodologies, and strategies that help businesses thrive and inspire action. Her visualization work and thought leadership earned earned her the title of Zen Master in 2016/2017. She devotes her free time striving for gender parity by channeling her expertise and community building skills through She Talks Data, a group that enriches, empowers, and connects women and men in the data industry.

Chloe Tseng is a Senior Data Analyst at Twitter, where she turns complex statistics and data into a story to drive business decisions. She loves visualizing data to raise awareness of social issues and founded Viz for Social Good, a nonprofit that empowers mission-driven organizations to harness the power of data visualization for social change. Passionate about increasing diversity in tech, she is the co-founder of She Talks Data, a community that supports women to become leaders in data. Chloe has been recognized as a Tableau Zen Master. Her nonprofit Viz for Social Good has been named a finalist in the Fast Company’s 2018 World Changing Ideas Awards and was awarded a Silver at the 2017 Information is Beautiful Awards. She is @datachloe on Twitter.

For questions about this event, please reach out to Brit Cava or Chloe Tseng.


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