Berlin AWS Group Virtual Meetup – re:Invent special edition

15.12.2020 - 19:00 - 20:30 Uhr


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18:45 – Warming up and networking chat

19:00 – „Using DynamoDB in Serverless Applications“

International speaker: Alex DeBrie (

Speaker bio:
„Alex is an AWS Data Hero and Serverless Engineer at Stedi, Inc. He is the author of The DynamoDB Book, a comprehensive guide to data modeling with DynamoDB. He loves all things serverless.“

„For many reasons, DynamoDB has been the database of choice for serverless developers in the AWS ecosystem. In this talk, you’ll learn why DynamoDB is such a great fit in serverless applications. Then, you’ll learn how to get started with DynamoDB as well as some best practices for data modeling with DynamoDB.“

Level 300

19:45 – re:Invent reflection

With the unprecedented occasion of having an online re:Invent conference that’s totally free and open to all the communities around the world, we’d like to take this opportunity to have an open session to discuss your discovery, enlightenment or other takeaways from the event.