Berlin AWS Group Virtual Meetup – January 2022

25.01.2022 - 19:00 - 21:00 Uhr


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18:45 – Warming up and networking chat

19:00 – AWS DynamoDB Single-Table vs. Multi-Table Design

Speaker: Yanick Steinbeck (Choco)
Speaker Bio: Senior Backend Engineer at Choco


AWS DynamoDB is powerful but it has its idiosyncrasies. Its particular approach to schema design can be hard to grasp, even for experienced NoSQL practitioners.

The usual schema design approach is to have one table per entity (multi-table design). But in DynamoDB land the official AWS recommendation is to store all your entities in a *single* table and to use it to fulfill all your access patterns via index overloading and index composition.
So AWS wants you to cram all your entities into a single DynamoDB table – but should you? We faced this decision at Choco and went through quite some deliberation and debate to figure it out.

In this talk, I will outline the alternatives (single-table vs multi-table), delineate their tradeoffs, and give an inside perspective on how we made our decision.

Necessary DynamoDB prerequisites will be covered, but to maximize your enjoyment of the talk it will help you to have some basic familiarity with DynamoDB. So print out the DynamoDB developer guide and put it on your bedside table for some light goodnight reading – or just build some stuff with it and get your feet wet before the event so we can talk shop 🙂

Level 300

19:45 – How to add „Fancy“ to your Amplify Functions

Speaker: John Nguyen (Globaldatanet)
Speaker bio: AWS Cloud Developer at Globaldatanet

AWS Amplify is a great tool and easily turns your frontend application into a fullstack app. However, often we create functions and duplicate code. This talk will show you how to organise your functions in an Amplify project. We’ll add Typescript, PNPM, and proper tests in a less painful manner

Level: 200