Berlin AWS Group Virtual Meetup – August 2021

17.08.2021 - 19:00 - 20:30 Uhr


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18:45 – Warming up and networking chat

19:00 – „Partly Cloudy“

International speaker: Avishai Ish-Shalom (ScyllaDB

Speaker bio:
„In a world where anything has an API, everything is a software problem“ this insight has guided Avishai Ish-Shalom throughout his diverse career working on improving the complex socio-technical systems that create and operate modern software and promoting the use of Mathematics in system design and operations. Spending 15 years in various software fields and capacities, Avishai has served as Engineer in Residence in Aleph VC, engineering manager at, co-founded Fewbytes and consulted many other companies on software operations, reliability, design and culture. Currently Avishai is a Developer Advocate for ScyllaDB (The boring database 😉

„The move to the cloud is accelerating, and companies everywhere are forsaking their datacenters (or not buiding ones to begin with) and building their systems on advanced public cloud. However, the systems they are building are often architected based on practices and perceptions which are no longer relevant in the cloud. It’s mostly „partly cloudy“ out there. This talk challenges innate assumptions and shows provocative new ideas on how one should engineer in the cloud“

Level 300

19:45 – „WordPress Infrastructure Redesign to AWS Fargate + Aurora“

Speakers: Christoph Klingspor, Florian Bemmerl (PROTOS Technologie GmbH –

Speaker bio:
„Both speakers are AWS Cloud Solution Architects at PROTOS“

„Short explanation of how we redesigned a monolithic infrastructure of a legacy WordPress Web application into a micro service and cloud native approach on AWS. Especially separating database and application and how we handle test and production environments.“

Level 200