*Azure Open Source Databases* & *Active Geo-Replication for Azure SQL*

24.06.2021 - 19:00 - 21:30 Uhr

Ceteris AG
Linienstraße 214
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CHANGE OF DATE: Event will take place on the 24th of June!
…we had a conflict with the Euro 2021 schedule for the original date 🙂

Hello Data Monsters,

looks like Summer is finally arriving in Berlin & before our mid-year break we invite you to our next virtual Meetup with two „hot“ topics & excellent speakers.

This is a Berlin Data & AI Meetup / SQL PASS event in English language!

This time we will host two of my dearest Microsoft colleagues (ask them anything…!);


****** Roberto C. Bustos ******

Roberto is a program manager (PM) in the Azure SQL team – responsible for Active Geo-Replication & Maintenance Window. Before that he worked as a Data & AI architect at Microsoft and had a career at ORACLE, Microstrategy and J.P.Morgan.

##### Active Geo-Replication for Azure SQL #####

Business continuity is a key requirement to implement any business-critical system.

Natural disasters like hurricanes, earthquake or manmade disasters like wars could cause permanent loss of entire datacenter or parts of a datacenter

Roberto will show how Azure SQL GEO-replication feature is helping customers to keep business continuity, providing the ability to create secondary replicas in the same or different regions.


****** Maik Sandmann ******

Maik is working as a „Black Belt“ in the Microsoft EMEA org – specializing on OSS databases on Azure. He has a long database history (coming from ORACLE) and is now conculting customers how to best implement the OSS stuff on Azure.

##### Azure Open Source Databases #####

Maik will give us an introduction to the OSS DBs PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB and also Redis Cache on Azure.

He will demonstrate how to integrate with those services from your applications.

A special topic will be the migration from good ‚ol ORACLE to a modern Azure PostgreSQL environment.

Plus he will talk about migration assessments („will it work?“) & how to discover databases lurking and waiting to get some fresh air on Azure 🙂

This will be an online „Teams“ event. We will share the coordinates timely before our Meetup. We are aware of everbody’s Covid 19 „screen fatique“. So we restrict the sessions each to max. 1h plus max. 15min Q&A!

(…this is a bit different to our infamous f2f meetings 🙂 Pizza & beer might lead to over-time discussions… I miss those….)

The recordings of our Meetups are shared on the „Ceteris TV“ channel on Youtube (provided by Markus‘ company).

…soon (promise!) we will share the slides of the 2021 sessions with you…

Georg(e) on behalf of the Berlin SQL Pass chapter / the Berlin Data & AI Meetup-Team. That is: Ben, Markus & me

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