Azure Meetup Frankfurt/Main CQRS 3.0 – The Serverless Solution

17.08.2022 - 17:00 - 18:30 Uhr


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Session Abstract:
Over the years and the associated use of CQRS in various projects, the realization emerged that CQRS is not the one pattern, but appears in different forms depending on the use case.
CQRS 3.0 represents the form in a serverless world. This means the consistent separation of application concerns into read and write in a serverless architecture. It turns the previous technical model on its head. It is simpler, clearer, easier to implement and does not require any framework.

Session Content:
A few years ago Janek started to develop Enterprise Applications in the CQRS style like the enterprise companies liked. Since then, he made a lot of experiences and changes in the CQRS enterprise style. Finally, it led him to his new version of CQRS, called 3.0.
In this talk, Janek will explain his recommended way of CQRS styles from „Apply“ to „Stream“.

It’s serverless, it’s Cloud and Domain driven, and it’s simple to use. All of it is glued by Custom Bindings. So if you are interested in how to build a highly scalable, distributed, magic backend, join his session.

Target Group: Those who have had to deal with CQRS so far will now get to know the cloud-driven Serverless version. Everyone else will see how easy it is to implement a seemingly complicated architecture, Serverless.

Speaker: Janek Fellien @janekf
Profil: Janek Fellien – Speaker Profile @