Azure Meetup Frankfurt M Scaling your websites on Azure

20.01.2022 - 17:00 - 18:30 Uhr


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Session Abstract:
Do you know what happens to your websites when you have thousands of concurrent users? ?Join Gavin as he shares some lessons learned running the websites for Microsoft Ignite, Build, Inspire, and more.
We will cover:
-Fundamentals of scaling Azure based Websites
-Azure services to improve the performance of your websites
-How to validate the performance of your websites
-Architectural changes to improve performance
-Strategies for dealing with disastrous situations

Speaker: Gavin Barron
Speaker Bio:
Gavin is a Principal Solution Architect at Intergen, a leading Microsoft Partner headquartered in New Zealand. As former Microsoft MVP and keen technologist he has spoken at conferences and delivered training on 5 continents.

Gavin is running a team of developers who deliver the websites for Microsoft’s largest conferences, in this work he has a large focus on solution quality, automation, and DevOps.

In his spare time Gavin loves to ski, spend time with family and talk tech.