Azure Meetup Berlin : CQRS in the Sky with Azure

19.09.2017 - 18:30 - 21:00 Uhr

Microsoft Niederlassung Berlin
Unter den Linden 17
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The next meetup will focus on dev topics again and we will meet again at the Microsoft Accelerator. The meetup will start at 18:30 with networking and snacks. Janeks talk will begin by 19:00.

Talk: CQRS in the Sky with Azure

We, as developers, live in a distributed world. Every software should be scalable, simple maintainable and high performant. Yes it sounds like a challenge which is not really simple to solve. All the days we fight against the CAP theorem which means that it is not possible to have a balanced relation between Capability, Availability and Partition Tolerance. So not in a CQRS environment. Here we have a lot of possibilities to decide about well-balanced relations, but here comes the next issue. What should or can we do? What are the right components?

In my last years of software development, especially with CQRS driven architectures, I have found out that a loose coupled system should contain REST services, Messaging and structure free databases. All of them we have in the Azure Cloud. So, why should we not use all this resources and combine it to an well working CQRS system? Oh, and instead of using the „heavyweight“ App Services, let’s use the Azure Functions as glue between the resources. It sounds like fun which I want to show you in this session.

Speaker: Jan Fellien We are happy to have Janek back after he was speaking at our Joint meetup with the .Net User Group in April. Janek is in development for about 25 years and nowadays focuses mainly on building back end solutions in the cloud. Here he uses CQRS in implementation and DDD in modelling. When he is not building software or giving talks and being active in the community he spends time with his family and enjoys a good read.

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