Azure Cologne Meetup Professional Azure OpenAI

22.02.2024 - 19:00 - 21:00 Uhr


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This session is designed for enthusiasts in cloud computing and AI, who want to explore practical applications and advancements in this domain. Our journey begins with an exploration of deploying Azure OpenAI and ChatGPT models using Bicep. The Bicep sample includes security features like Private Endpoints and Managed Identity specifically for Azure OpenAI. The second part of the session focusses on developing AI solutions in Azure. It offers an overview of the current landscape of OpenAI APIs. Here, we will discuss recent updates, features, and the future roadmap. Based on that, we will explore architectural patterns for OpenAI solutions in Azure. The session will be driven by live demos and code, rather than conventional slides. Attendees should have practical experience with Azure and web development. They should also have general knowledge about using LLMs and practical experience with ChatGPT.

Speaker: Rainer Stropek

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