Yammer Erfahrungsbericht aus der Telefónica

YammerLuz Rodrigo Martorell ist der Yammer Community Manager bei einer der größten Telcos – Telefónica. In einem umfangreichen Artikel hat Sie Ihre Erfahrungen aus der Yammer-Einführung bei der Telefónica zusammengefasst und gibt viele Tipps und Hinweise für diejenigen, die Social Tools für interne Kommunikation einführen wollen

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  1. The Best Way to Control is… to Forget about Control
  2. The Best Way to Launch is not Launching
  3. Launch the Imperfect
  4. From the Internal Communications Department to the Interesting Conversations Department
  5. Learn to Deal with Frustration – It will Become your Closest Friend
  6. Find Executive Sponsors, No Matter How Long it Takes
  7. Choose your Priorities Carefully, because People will Imitate you
  8. Do not Be a Lone Ranger. Build an Army to Help you
  9. Focus your Training on Community Management Skills
  10. You Need a Governance Team, and As Little Regulation As Possible
  11. Show People that you Care, Even if you Cannot Help them
  12. Cross-cooperation is not a Problem – Different Languages Are
  13. Give Before you Ask
  14. Refuse to Post on Other People’s Behalf Using your Profile
  15. Give Users Confidence to Dare
  16. Trust People – They Really Deserve it
  17. Reward Good Behaviour
  18. Do Not Talk about Abstract Benefits – Show People Specific Examples