[EN] Webcast The Executives Guide to SharePoint 2013 Communities and Networks

The Executives Guide to SharePoint 2013:  Communities and Networks

Social is one of the main investment areas in SharePoint 2013 and Office365, but research by industry analysts suggest that 75% of social computing initiatives will fail.  In this session we will explore the key social features of SharePoint 2013 and discuss how they can be used to deliver business value.

Symon Garfield is the Head of Business Consulting for Foundation SP, Microsoft’s worldwide Portals and Collaboration Partner of the Year 2012, and works with Microsoft as a Virtual Technology Solutions Professional.   He is an international speaker at Microsoft and SharePoint events, a co-author of the SharePoint 2010 Handbook, author of the Art of SharePoint Success, and a regular columnist for CMSWire.  He is also co-leader of the London branch of the SharePoint User Group UK.

October 24th 2pm EDT – 20:00 Uhr

Registration Link: – http://metavistech.com/webinar/executives-guide-sharepoint-2013-communities-and-networks