[EN] SharePoint Social News Lagniappe | week 18.12

This week the SharePoint News Lagniappe is a bit more technical …

Adding a twitter feed with a SharePoint xml viewer web part

Heather Waterman shows how to add social feeds from your social network to a SharePoint site using the XML viewer web part.

SharePoint Profile Cleanup and the My Site Cleanup

„One of the mysteries of SharePoint Profile Management is that scary proposition of deleting old profiles vs deleting my sites which may have data which they shared with other users. In the enterprise it’s easy to blame AD for making mistakes about users sticking around too long, but sometimes it is actually SharePoint displaying profiles that are „Missing from Import.“ These profiles that are missing from import have been flagged to be deleted, but without the My Site Cleanup job, those profile will continue to persist. In our environment, the engineers were worried that my sites would disappear without someone first having a chance to get the data off those sites before they should be deleted. Support was light handed as it was, so turning off a job that was called „My Site Cleanup“ felt safe“. []

Product Review: Real Time Collaboration on SharePoint with Sazneo

Joel Oleson: „I recently spent some time with the people from Sazneo. The first thing I really noticed was their emphasis on providing real time actionable communication. They are focused on decision making and the ability for teams and people to communicate real time in the context of their data without having to factor in time zones or distance. Rather than taking you out of SharePoint, this tight integration provides rich chat and communication right in the SharePoint interface. If you’ve got users on the go, there’s an iPad, iPhone, Android or BlackBerry web app to keep you connected.“ []

SharePointPodcast 218 365tube – Videoportal für Office 365

Christoph Matthies, Patrick Lamber und Franz Schmid haben basierend auf auf dem guten alten MOSS2007 Podcasting Kit (PKS) eine cloudbasierte Videolösung für Office 365 gebaut: 365tube, eine Video-Podcast-Lösung für Office 365. Sie integrieren SharePoint, Transloadit und die Amazon-Cloud zu einem Proof-Of-Concept und haben ihre Lösung auf CodePlex zur allgemeinen Verwendung online gestellt. Auf dem ShareCamp 2012 präsentierten Sie die Lösung in einem Vortrag, den es im SharePointPodcast 218 in Auzügen zu hören gibt.