[EN] Newsgator Webinar Weston Solutions’ Eight Steps for Achieving World-Class Collaboration

Weston Solutions believes in process – the 8-Step Process for Leading Change created by Dr. John Kotter to be exact. So when WESTON decided to embark on their vision of achieving world-class collaboration, they insisted on following these eight steps in order to be successful and avoid the usual pitfalls involved with organizational change.

WESTON started their journey by wanting to upgrade to SharePoint 2010. In the midst of their due diligence, they realized that SharePoint 2010 fell short of their “collaboration” expectations. After performing step one – examining the market and competitive realities – they chose to implement NewsGator Social Sites 2010 along with their SharePoint upgrade.

During this one-hour webinar on Wednesday, January 25th at 2pm ET, Bob Hackett, WESTON’s VP of Information Services, will walk us through the eight step process they are following, the challenges and successes they’ve encountered so far, and their future plans as they round the corner to completing steps seven and eight.

Registration  http://info.newsgator.com/Weston-Webinar-2012.html

Date: 25.1.2012 20:00 Uhr