ownCloud Conference 2017

20.09.2017 - 23.09.2017

TH Georg Simon Ohm
Bahnhofstrasse 90
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Five years ownCloud Conference! 2017  the annual ownCloud conference will happen for the 5th time. We are expecting 200 attendees from all over the world to join us for two days of conference, hacking and learning of the best in the field. The oCCon17 is held at TH Nürnberg from September, 20th – 23rd.

The audience will range from hobby code enthusiasts over many developers, designers and other creatives, to administrators, web activists and free software supporters, interested users, politicians and deciders,

There will be beginners, as well as professionals in attendance. And even though the ownCloud conference is a community event with no commercial background, we do consider commercial ownCloud users as community members and welcome their experiences stemming from installations within companies, education organisations and at service providers.

To be as inclusive as possible we will still have no entry-fees for our participants. This effort can only be reached by having sponsors. If you would like to support our great open source community feel free, to ask for your sponsoring package.

A great conference needs great topics and great speakers. Join our call for papers and suggest your topic for our conference program or your workshop for the hands-on days.

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